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  • President of the Halifax- Dartmouth & District Labour Council, a union member and an activist for Health, Democracy and worker rights.
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Troublemakers Conference – Oct 27, 2012

Troublemakers Conference – Raise a Little Hell

Calling All Shop Stewards and Local Union Officers!

  • Have you ever been called a troublemaker at work?
  • Are you sick of getting pushed around at work?
  • How about tired of grievances and arbitrations that don’t solve the problem?
  • Wanna learn how to fight back and enforce the collective agreement on the shopfloor?

Come Raise a Little Hell and pre-register today for the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council’s Troublemakers’ Conference!  Email to pre-register.

Mark the date, Saturday, October 27th at the Italian Cultural Centre on Agricola St.

Doors open at 9:00 am and the conference begins at 9:30.  The keynote address by Mark Brenner of Labor Notes is at 10 am.  The registration fee is $35 and can be paid at the door.


Why a Conference?

  •  Because workers across industries and sectors are facing unprecedented attacks at the bargaining table.
  • Because the arbitration process is broken, expensive and stacked in favour of the employer.
  • Because racism, sexism, bullying and other form of discrimination are still the norm in our workplaces.
  •  Because workers didn’t create this economic and budget crisis, and we won’t pay for it.
  • Because its time to stand up and fight back!

Our Goals

  • To bring together more than 100 front-line shop steward and local union officers for a day long conference about how to fight back on the shop floor.
  • To form a Shop Stewards Network in the Halifax Regional Municipality that will facilitate communications and strategies between workplaces, helping create a culture of solidarity between all workers.

 Why the Word “Troublemaker”?

Whenever we stand up for our rights at work, we are called a troublemaker by management.

Whenever we speak out against discrimination, we are called a troublemaker by management.

Whenever we win a grievance, or encourage a fellow worker to file a grievance, we are called a troublemaker by management.

In fact, whenever we stand up for ourselves and our co-workers, we are called a troublemaker.

Time to own it. If the boss thinks we are troublemakers for standing up for our rights already, just wait and see what management thinks after this conference!

 Pre-register Today

Space is limited. Limit of ten shop stewards and local union officers per local union.  There will be a waiting list for locals who have more than ten people who want to attend.

Email to pre-register or for more information.  Full registration forms and agenda available soon.

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