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Urgent Action Required Against NS Power

May 28, 2012

To: Affiliate unions, leadership, activists, staff and stewards
From: Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council

Re: Urgent action required against Nova Scotia Power


 Sisters and brothers,

 I have never written to you with such urgency.

By now you have likely heard Nova Scotia Power is proposing a 6% hike in power rates.  You’ve likely heard about the ridiculous compensation packages and parties given to their executives.  You’ve also likely heard the debate this has launched about the future of Nova Scotia Power and what alternatives exist to this private, for-profit monopoly.

On May 9th, the Labour Council’s delegates voted unanimously in favour of a resolution opposing Nova Scotia Power’s rate hikes and calling for electricity to become a public right, not a private, for-profit monopoly.  I have included the resolution below for your information.

Since adopting this resolution, the Labour Council, Solidarity Halifax and community allies have been pushing the provincial government to return Nova Scotia Power to democratic, public ownership.  The Labour Council’s Glee Club – Solidari-Glee – even recorded a song and video called “Emera’s Profiteers” to the tune of “Barrett’s Privateers”. It’s available on our website

We have engaged in debates, shared social media, done media interviews, made music, and demonstrated against this private, for-profit monopoly.  And sisters and brothers as a result of that work, we have had a victory in step one of this campaign.  Today, democratic, public ownership of Nova Scotia Power is considered a real public policy option, it is discussed broadly, and the politicians are being forced to take a stance.

First they called us crazy.  Now they say it won’t work.  Next, we will win.

Step two for the campaign is all about building support. We have a very real opportunity to reverse the privatization of our electricity utility and send the corporate pirates packing.  But urgent action is required.

I urge your union or union local to adopt a similar resolution and come out publicly against the rate hikes and for democratic, public ownership of electricity.  By speaking together, and working together, we can continue to build this campaign.

I invite your unions and locals to send representatives to an organizing meeting being held on Thursday, May 31st at 6:00 pm at the Bloomfield centre on Agricola Street.

We will be planning future actions for the campaign, and preparing for Emera/Nova Scotia Power’s Annual General Meeting on June 7th.  We’re not 100% sure what the action will look like yet, but it will include a mass sing-a-long of Emera’s Profiteers, down on a Halifax pier! And pirates. J  It will all take place near the Halifax ferry terminal, at 2:00 pm at on June 7th.

There will also be actions organized around August 6th, the 20th anniversary of Nova Scotia Power’s privatization, and September 13th, the day the Utility and Review Board hears the rate hike application.

Please consider taking action against Nova Scotia’s Power’s rate hikes and for democratic, public ownership of the utility.


Things you and your local can do:

  1. Adopt a resolution against the rate hikes and for public ownership
  2. Write letters to the editor. Letters must be no more than 200 words and can be sent to
  3. Attend the planning meeting on May 31st.  It is very short notice, and if you can’t attend but are interested in being involved, please email
  4. Attend the June 7th action at 2:00 pm near the Halifax ferry terminal.
  5. Contribute financially to Solidarity Halifax’s Power to the People! Campaign.


Sisters and brothers, now is the moment.  We have a real chance to reverse privatization and bring Nova Scotia Power back under democratic, public ownership.  Please help.

In Solidarity,


Kyle Buott, President
Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council
Cell – (902) 478-0239

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