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  • President of the Halifax- Dartmouth & District Labour Council, a union member and an activist for Health, Democracy and worker rights.
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ONE Nova Scotia Recommendations

This morning, I will be participating in a consultation with the NDP’s ONE Nova Scotia commission on economic development.

There are five key recommendations I will be making on behalf of the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council.

1. Expropriate Nova Scotia Power – Emera holds our economy hostage through private, for-profit ownership of electricity.  The NDP should reverse the errors made by the Conservatives when they privatized Nova Scotia Power, and the Liberals error when they allowed the creation of Emera.  We should return Nova Scotia Power to democratic, public ownership. Power to the People!

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2. Eliminate Nova Scotia Business Inc. – NSBI is a major avenue for corporate handouts in Nova Scotia. As recommended by the CCPA Alternative Budget, we should scrap NSBI and re-invest those resources in building co-operatives and democratic economy planning.Let’s invest in our local economy, not come-from-away mega-corporations.

Learn more in the CCPA-NS Alternative Budget:

3. Eliminate Poverty – The cost of poverty in Nova Scotia is huge, both in terms of the human cost and the economic cost.  Its estimated that poverty costs or economy about $1.5 billion to $2.2 billion each year.  Poverty is not normal, it is created by government policy.

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4. Invest in social programs like Early Childhood Education – The evidence is clear, investing in child care is a better form of stimulating the economy than almost anything else governments can do.  The evidence is also clear on the major benefits to children who receive quality early learning opportunities.  Good for kids, good for the economy, all that’s need is the political will.

Check out the CCPA Alt budget for more details:

5. Improve Labour Standards and make it easier for workers to join unions – There is a War on Workers in Nova Scotia.  Wages have stagnated, work is increasingly casual and part-time, and pension funds are being raided by right-wing employers.  Nova Scotia has some of the lowest Labour Standards in the country. Building a strong economy means strengthening workers rights, including the right to form a union.

Learn more about Labour Standards reform:


I doubt the commission is interested in left-wing, pro-people economics, but they gotta hear it.

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